Hello Friends!

🙂 Hello Friends!          Welcome to my blog.  I’ll be periodically sending you updates about what I’ve been up to – and you know me, so it’ll most likely be related to photography in some way.  Say ‘Hi’ when you stop by ….. it would be great to hear from you! ~Heidi 🙂 Here’s a couple funny photos of me and Ryley this past summer taken by my photographer friend Kim…                                                                                       img_3248a-web.jpg


3 responses to “Hello Friends!

  1. Hi Weedly,
    I am honored to be the first one to post a message on your blog. I just wrote you a nice note but I did something wrong and I lost it! How frustrating! Darn computers! Anyways I said something to the effect of you being the best sissy in the world and that you take beautiful photos because you are dedicated and passionate about what you do. You are a special person and a blessing to those whose lives you’ve shared. I said it better the first time, but you get the idea!

  2. Thank you Sissy! Ok, now everyone is thinking “Weedly!!!???” Yes, folks, it’s my childhood nickname. When I asked my dad how I was born, he said….. “Well, your mom was the flower pot, and I was the seed, then up came the weed.” I’ve been Weed/Weedly ever since! My dad even sings a little tune …”Winkley Weedly… doodley dute do …..with whistling”. I honestly love it, because it’s from my dad, which makes it special and dear to my heart. When I go home (Lockport, NY), I’m called Weed more often that Heidi.

  3. Heidi…congratulations on getting this going…I’m looking forward to the weddings we’ll be shooting together! kk

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