“Imagine a photo shoot where each moment is a last moment, where there will be no second takes, where what you’re doing means everything.”  -NILMDTS                                                                                                                                               Ever since I took a photojournalism class (in Norfolk, VA through the Virginian Pilot newspaper and Truth with a Camera), I’ve had remembrance photography on my heart. During that week long course, I photographed a 19 year old girl named Erin during her last weeks before Leukemia took her life, as well as her 2 year old son’s mommy. As you can imagine, this had a huge impact on her entire family. However, in such a devastating time, my photography was able to help her family through the grieving process. Since that time, it’s been on my heart to provide photography to families who are loosing a loved one.                                                                                                         The Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers Remembrance Photography to families who are loosing a child (most often a newborn infant). This organization was founded almost 3 years ago, and there are already almost 4,000 professional photographers who provide this service nation-wide. To learn about the incredible way that Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep came into existence, visit our website at I guarantee your heart will be touched, especially if you have children!                                                                                                                                          My photographer friend Keely and I are Affiliate Photographers for NILMDTS and traveled to Ocala together this week for training. It was an honor to be a part of a day with Kirk Kief, President-Florida Professional Photographers Association, Inc. 2008 and NILMDTS Forum Administrator/Board of Directors. He provided us with the training we needed to be as well planned and prepared as possible if we are called upon to bless a family with our photography.                                                           Until next time….Heidi 


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