March Madness!

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe March is here and it’s already the 6th!!! Time is flying and March is PACKED with stuff.  In addition to this blog, I’m working on 2 wedding albums, a baby shoot, & other small projects. My ‘little’ brother Brandon’s birthday is the day before my husband’s AND he’s getting married the following weekend on the 15th!  Yeah Ashley & Brandon! On March 22nd, Cora & Per Einar are tying the knot, and I’m honored to be their wedding photographer. Check out their awesome wedding website at  The photo of the 2 of them on the home page is my work :). I’m also assisting my friend Kim on 2 weddings this month.  FCAT testing starts next week too, then it’s spring break shortly after, and before you know it we’ll be into April!  I’m feelin’ like I’m in a time warp …. and speaking of that…..Walmart is the black hole. Don’t you agree?  No time for photos tonight, except the cool wedding site above. I’ll try to include some next time.  In the mean time, slow down, take a few deeeeeeeep breaths and really feel some oxygen, then tell those close to you that you love them, and make it a point to photograph/video them if you haven’t in a while. We’re only here a little while.     Love you all, Heidi


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