catchin’ up…


March 17th ~ HAPPY St. PATRICK’S DAY!

We moved into our house 4 years ago today ūüôā

I got my photos all ready before going to bed last night, but my computer was being ornery (as usual), so I’ll have to post them this evening. It’s got to be about 7 years old now, and we’ve already upgraded it as much as possible, so I’m thinking it’s time for a new one. If not I think I may end up throwing mine through the window! It’s not pleasant when I have to get on my husband’s MAC, cuz my PC is acting up. He loves to gloat that MACs are far superior…hey, I learned on a MAC and used them for several years, but still prefer PC… can’t help it.

Friday night had a great time assisting my friend Kim with a wedding at the Renaissance Resort in the World Golf Village, St. Augustine. Big Irish family who loved to have a good time. The groom surprised his bride during the ceremony by having a pair of handcuffs handed to him when he asked for her ring. She thought that was great. Stopped on my way out and got some nighttime shots to surprise Kim with.







Saturday, we had¬†AB & UD (aka..Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Dave)¬†stop¬†in and spend¬†the night on their way back to cold PA. They love¬†FL so much, they’re looking at buying down here now. YEAH! It would be awesome to have family here! Make that U-Turn UD!




I have some sweet shots of Ryley and we were visited by geese this weekend also…

That’ll be for another post.¬†¬† Love,¬† signature.jpg


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