Congratulations Cora & Per Einar!

I feel so blessed to have been part of this beautiful wedding! It was very special from start to finish. Cora and Per Einar are an amazing couple with an inspiring love story built on the foundation of their faith in the Lord. They are fun and photogenic….I had a BLAST photographing their engagement, rehearsal, and wedding!!! Here are just a few …  There are SO MANY MORE that I’d love to share!

     img_pier-web.gif                 img_embrace-web.gif             



The wedding day…










AREN’T THEY ADORABLE!!!???  It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite… I haven’t even gotten through all my images yet! 

Lauren, thanks for being my photo buddy for Cora!! You’re a sweetheart 🙂

Stacy M. ~ Happy Birthday to you….

Until next time…

Love, Heidi


2 responses to “Congratulations Cora & Per Einar!

  1. They are gorgeous! I can’t believe how great they turned out. Thanks for letting me help you. Cora will be so happy!

  2. Thank you Lauren! It was a treat having you help me. I’ve now worked with you as a bride, a bridesmaid, and a photographer’s assistant for the bride. Hmm…I think that leaves only one roll you haven’t played….. now I need to get a camera in your hands! Andrea was also awesome – right there when needed with her wonderful sewing skills. She has a gift! Cora and Per Einar are so blessed to have such a big network of loving friends and family that all pitched in to make their wedding day as special as can be.

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