soooo excited!

I’m busting…at my photographers guild meeting the other night I signed up for EIGHT mini-seminars that will be taught by our phenominal guild members. I made sure I got there really early so I could get all the classes I wanted.  I am going to my first one tonight… Maternity Photography with Damon – 2007 PPSNF Photographer of the Year. I know he will have a live model there, but I think he’ll be the only one photographing her. I’m going to take my camera just in case though.

For any of you who have known me for a while, you know that I used to be petrified of babies. I hurt many a new moms’ feelings, because I was too scared to hold their babies….so scared that I never even thought I’d have kids of my own. BUT now that I AM a mom, I can’t get enough of babies!  The miracle of pregnancy and life excites and amazes me.  I love documenting it through artistic photography, so I’m really looking forward to learning some new skills & ideas at my seminar tonight!



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