Last night as I was making dinner, I noticed that some spinach leaves had just started to go bad.  I tend to analyze things (really!), and noticed that I was taking each leaf of spinach that could be saved and tearing off the bad parts. If there was at least half of the leaf that could be saved, I’d tear off the bad part and keep the rest. So I got a little aggrivated with myself, because I was wasting time. But I couldn’t stop thinking of each leaf growing on the spinach farm, the farmer and the machine that harvested it, and everything it went through to make it into that bag and into my kitchen. What a waste for it to just end up getting thrown away! I try to be grateful for everything the Lord provides me, but I was beginning to feel a bit extreme last night, because it was actually stressing me out to be wasting time….over little spinach leaves. I thought to myself that it was another example of how everyone else seems so much more productive/efficient than me. So essentially I was “wasting time” to prevent from “wasting spinach.”

What am I getting at? Afterwards, I checked my email and found this in a SparkPeople message (

(it’s pretty ironic, or just God’s divine way of letting me know it’s ok to be me!!):


When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree.

– Vietnamese saying



Expressing Everyday Gratitude

How often do you remember the people that have made little things possible for you? It’s easy to take our privileges for granted. Today, be more aware of your surroundings–everything from your shirt, house, food, and car–and who has made them possible for you. Who has made it possible for you to experience such wonderful things? One way to let someone know that you truly appreciate their efforts is to send them a quick note or return the kindness in your own way.

I am grateful for YOU! Have a great day!




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