I’m Back

I’ve been feeling kinda down in the dumps for a while due to our cousin’s sudden death, but it’s time to get refocused on LIVING! Jerry went out of town for the funeral for 10 days – man, being a single parent can be TOUGH!  Duh, right?  It’s easy to say it, but a whole nuther (yes, it’s a real word – really!) thing to live it. Oh, & I’ve learned that you can see your child treat you (Mommy) differently (worse) than EVERYONE else as early as 20 months old!  Sat in all those parent conferences over the years thinking “MY child won’t act like that!” – Me- the experienced teacher with all the behavior management techniques – Yeah, right! They work great on OTHER people’s kids. Amazing. Why does she hit me in the face, but doesn’t do that to anyone else?  Kinda scarey.

So, as I was saying in my last blog, I had just returned from Kitty Hawk.  It was a girls’ trip (all Moms) with a bunch of my friends from Gloucester, Virginia.  Here’s some photos… there’s a couple more, but I want to edit the big zit off my forehead first :). I used a tripod, timer, and jumped in & out …

 Everyone went for my corny “Let’s all wear pink shirts” idea! 



Not bad, huh?



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