In my last post, I showed photos of my recently deceased kitty Iggy. Her death had been bothering me for a couple days, because it just didn’t make sense. (I had spared you all the horrible details of her excruciating death.)  So, I researched kidney and liver failure in cats online, but that didn’t satisfy me. Since I had put Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tic drops on her 2 days before, and she acted like she had been poisoned when she died, I googled “Hartz”.  I am devastated and APPALLED at what I found. There are actually websites for victims of Hartz products!!!  PLEASE help me spread the word to all your animal owning friends, relatives, co-workers or even everyone in your email address book! I usually use ADVANTAGE for my cats, but since times are tight, I made the fatal decision while in Walmart the other day, to save a little money by buying Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tic drops.  You can read my complete story and MANY others at http://www.hartzvictims.org (I signed my name, but it was posted as anonymous). 

With Love, Heidi



  1. Sorry to hear about your loss – I agree it is appalling what they can get away with.

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  3. Thank you for your kind words. Please do anything you can to help spread the word about HARTZ flea & tic drops & other products. Even the collars can be extremely harmful. See http://www.hartzvictims.org (link located on the right side of this page).

  4. Heidi — I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you and your cat.

    The fact that Hartz is still in business after killing people’s pets for so many years is a testament to the inability (and unwillingness) of the EPA to do its job. And Hartz has stepped up their advertising efforts recently, no doubt to take advantage of people’s financial vulnerabilities in this terrible economy. There are banner ads all over the Internet, full-page ads in magazines, and now there are TV commercials:

    Go there and post text comments warning people who see these videos against using this poison!

    Yesterday, I launched HartzKills.org. I’ll be adding stats and figures as soon as I get them, but according to this article, there have been 33,000 consumer complaints about Hartz to the EPA since 2000.

    I hope you’ll add HartzKills.org to your list of links, and thank you for helping to spread the word and save lives.

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  6. Dear HartzKills.org – thank you for your sympathy and all the great information! I have posted a link to your site as you requested. You’ve done a fantastic job with it! Thank you for educating the public on this appalling issue and taking action! You’re awesome!!! Best Wishes, Heidi

  7. I just became the most unwilling, willing owner of a 3 year old Jack Russel. I’m in southern Cali. and right now the heat and fleas are wiping “me” out, so you can imagine how miserable he is. Anyways a friend who honestly meant well, had given me the” Hartz Ultra Gaurd” My husband, also , meaning well, removed the drops from the packaging, but, for whatever reason never put them on the dog. It wasnt until after a long flea bath, and rinse, that I realized, I had no info, on the application of the drops, So I googled Hartz. Man! I never new, how bad this stuff was, besides Hartz, are there other brands i need to be aware of? The little guy has had such a rough time, In trying to make him comfortable, I dont want to kill him. and I’m so thankful i googled. The flea bath will have to do for now. Ive tossed the Hartz, and for now, until I can get myself better informed, we’ll be doing the scratch dance, to Belefontes “matilda” Thanks so much, Sincerely alisa

  8. WOW Alisa! Thanks so much for sharing your story with me!!! I’m SO glad that my post about Iggy helped to save your doggie’s life! The Lord was certainly watching over him. I’m sure your poor pooch appreciates his new home and savvy new parents! ADVANTAGE has always worked GREAT for us. I’m sure you can find it reasonably priced online. Until then, happy scratching 😉 Blessings, Heidi

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  10. how long do the effect last. from the drops for the dogs.

  11. yes it is true…Hart’z products are dangerous and should NEVER be used as a mean of controlling fleas… i too made the dumb ass assumption that if a product is sold otc and marketed specifically for cats..well it would be safe to use.WRONG!!!!! i used hartz flea dip for cats followed directions and well to put it simply had a half-dead cat on the kitchen floor within 8-10 minutes. yes she was losing her life right in front of me and it happened that quickly..fortunately i was able to RUSH her to my vet and they saved her life. of course it took 6 days of hospitilization and a 500 dollar vet bill but she has made a full recovery. learn from my heartache and scare DO NOT USE HARTZ….

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