“poop, Mommy”

You can tell from the title, this is a good one. Feel free to laugh!!
So, we made it onto the plane going from Jax to Atlanta… me, Ryley, a bulky stroller, & 2 heavy carry on bags. Got the visual?
I was all excited, because this time I know it will be ‘easy’ to keep Ryley entertained… I brought a mini-DVD player & 3 new DVDs to hold her interest.  Turned out I had it switched to ‘on’ while charging, so by the time we got on the plane, it had lost it’s charge…. & the books were in the overhead compartment. Ever try to entertain a toddler with a Sky Mall magazine?  For your sake, I hope not.  Luckily the lady sitting next to us had children and grandchildren, so she didn’t mind Ryley trying to feed her pretzels.
I found an outlet for the DVD player in the Atlanta airport, so Ryley was able to watch some Blues Clues during our layover… unfortunately it wasn’t long enough to charge the battery.
Then we were sitting on the 2nd plane waiting for take off. THIS TIME I was savvy enough to get her books & Elmo out before hoisting the 2 heavy bags over my head into the compartment. There was a delay of course, so everyone on the plane was getting anxious to take off. . . . .
Then I smelled something…and Ryley said “Poop, Momma”.  She was wearing a onsie (Jerry had dressed her) so I couldn’t peek. But the smell compelled me to take action. Of course, we were next to the window and had to crawl over 2 ladies, AND get a diaper out of the overhead with the entire plane watching (we were at the very front of coach). Went into the potty at the front of 1st class… and there was no changing table. I’m thinking how on earth am I going to do THIS? Turned out to be a false alarm…just gas, but I didn’t confess that to the ladies as we crawled back over them.
Then, not 5 minutes later, she did it for REAL and it stunk to high heaven. Notice I said I got out A diaper before? Yes, I had only gotten one, so I had to go through all that again (did I mention the bags were heavy!?!?). This time I got 4 out. The changing table was in the bathroom at the very back of the plane, so Ryley waved & said ‘hello’ to all the people as we walked by.
When we got back to our seat, Ryley’s milk had spilled all in our seat…. but I had 3 diapers in my hand! I didn’t dare use more than one though, just in case she had another blow out. So, I put one down & hoped it would soak it up, but I still had a wet butt when we got to Buffalo.  At that point I could care less that it looked like I wet my pants!
It’s really nice to be here with my family! It was all worth it :o)
Here’s Ethan & Ryley today playing in a box… unsuspecting the camera…

5 responses to ““poop, Mommy”

  1. Love it. Been there done that. Its funny how much you can plan for something so it will be easy, and it never is. Glad you got there in one piece. Wet butt and all.

  2. Thanks! Life would be boring if we didn’t have these stories to tell! 🙂

  3. Reading this brought back bales of wonderful, funny memories of my own! Also, it made me grateful that God knew what He was doing when He gave babies to the young folks!

  4. Hi Faye! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed this story. Never a dull moment 😉 ~Heidi

  5. The ironic thing is it’s not the first or last time you will have something like this happen. Keeping your child as the focus is a tough challenge at times but it’s those times that prove yourself as a great mom and this story proves it!

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