Checkin’ in!

Just a quick note to say hello.  I have LOTS of blogging to catch up on! I was in NY for 3 weeks and only managed to write twice while there.

Teachers here in Jax started back to work this past Monday, August 11th. My plan was to fly back early that morning and be at work before lunch, so I could enjoy the last day of my H.S. reunion on the 10th without having to rush off to the airport afterwards. My flight was cancelled (US Air) and it took me until Tuesday afternoon to get back –  I plan to share the whole ordeal soon. I hightly doubt I’ll fly US Air again.


In the meantime, here’s some pix from my trip… (photos are taken with a Canon Power Shot pocket camera).


Here’s some of my fam…. Dad, Ryley, me, ‘little’ brother Brandon, brother-in-law Wiley, Ryley’s cousin Ethan, and my sister Jacki.  Ethan will have a baby brother or sister in the spring! Is it my imagination, or does Ryley actually resemble me a tiny bit in this photo?

Sorry girls, Brandon’s married. Ashley just finished basic training for the National Guard and is now at school in Georgia. 



It’s my tradition to visit my home town’s Tastey Treat ice cream stand. Ryley enjoyed a chocolate custard with chocolate sprinkles on a sugar cone with me.  It’s a MUST HAVE every time I go home 🙂


Me & Ryley sitting at a Tastey Treat picnic table.  She still looks like her daddy spit her out himself! She’s got my eyebrows, that’s about it.


I really have to get to bed. The first day for students is tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to see how it goes! I love the first day of school. Everything’s new, exciting, and the kids are on their best behavior 🙂

Love & blessings,


One response to “Checkin’ in!

  1. I loved seeing pictures of the family. Ethan is so cute and my, my, my, that Ryley of yours!

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