Florida Fay

Students in Jax public schools were back for only 2 days, when they announced schools would be closed today & tomorrow due to Tropical Storm Fay. So, I took advantage of the day off today and slept until 2 in the afternoon! Felt like a teenager again!! It’s been raining all day, off and on. I took all of these images through our windows.


Here’s an image of our back yard during a brief lull.



It’s a good day to be a duck…



Ryley’s little pool shows that we’ve already gotten a few inches of rain. 

  I’ll keep you posted as long as we have power! Please say a prayer for Florida & it’s residents 🙂


2 responses to “Florida Fay

  1. Hi..I w oke up this morning thinking about everyone in Florida, and wondered if there was any fear of the pond flooding your house…
    Doesn’t Riley have a birthday soon?

    Stay safe…oh by the way where did you find the cross windchime?

  2. Hi Mary!
    Thanks for writing and thinking of us! We’re doing fine. So far, we’ve only lost power for about 20 minutes. The pond out back is really full, but doubt it will flood. We got much worse than this during Hurricane Francis a few years ago. Yes, Ryley will be 2 on Monday the 25th 🙂 We’ve had the wind chime for quite a while. My guess would be Walmart or a Christian bookstore. Jerry couldn’t remember either. Love you bunches! Heidi

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