T.S. Fay~Nerve Wracking Nuisance!

First I have to share this cool story a lady from Southern California sent me today! My Hartz post on June 30th helped to save her new dog’s life!! That’s Awesome! 🙂

Now for our friend Fay… we had a flash flood watch and THREE tornado warnings today. We live near NAS Jax, so we could hear their tornado sirens each time. I was glued to the TV all day. I have to thank our AWESOME cast at CBS47 for tirelessly tracking the storm and giving a minute by minute update. Meteorologist Mike Buresh spoke at the school where I teach this past year and he was GREAT with the kids. He kept about 550 students engaged the entire time he spoke.  Since he’s great at what he does & thoroughly LOVES his job, it was comforting to see him on air all day!

Yes, I actually photographed the television!  It helped break the tension.

The only ‘damage’ we had was that we lost a new palm fran.  We were very blessed!!



 After 3 days of being at home, Ryley was getting a little stir crazy. So after some playing outside in the rain, I set her up with some paints, and turned my back for about 30 seconds. You know how that goes.  It washed off easy, so I let her have at it! Then of course, Daddy had to get into the picture! He’s a big kid himself 😉




Ryley liked the her Daddy made her look like a clown with a red nose and cheeks, and blue eyebrows.  So she decided to add a little extra herself…




Today we have bright blue skies with beautiful fluffy white clouds (my favorite kind of sky).  I’m heading down to Orlando for the Florida Professional Photographers Convention.  I’m excited!

Thanks for all the prayers during the storm!

Love & Blessings,


3 responses to “T.S. Fay~Nerve Wracking Nuisance!

  1. Heidi, I just love getting your blogs. I wasn’t surprised that you took a picture of the TV; great stuff…I’m actually surprised it came out so well. I wonder what Mike would think? You are a trip! When I saw the picture of Jerry and Ryley in the rain with their umbrella’s Jerry’s face was hilarious and all I could think of was “Singing in the Rain”…adorable. Ask Ryley if she will paint my face when I come to FL; I’m looking for a younger look. Ha!!! Love you!

  2. Hey Holly! Glad you’re enjoying my crazy life stories. The photos of the TV don’t look as good online as they do on my computer, but thanks for the compliment anyway! Hmmm….I wonder too. I emailed the station directly and thanked them, but didn’t think to send them a link to the blog. OF COURSE Ryley will paint your face for you!! I think that would blow her mind – she’d love it. I never thought of that…. you always manage to keep me in stitches. I need that younger look more than you girl! Maybe I’ll have her do my make-up for me tomorrow for work 😉 I’m glad to see that you wrote WHEN you come to Florida. How about during Hurricane season? Could be interesting! Oh, yeah, you guys get hit with them when they don’t hit us don’t you!? Anyway, the guest room is waiting for you… Love you bunches, Heidi

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