Meeting Hanson Fong

I’ve always hoped that I would get the chance to hear Hanson Fong speak. He is an icon in photography who has contributed an immense amount to the photography world. Hanson was at the Florida Professional Photographers Convention last week, so I made sure I attended his seminar. It was everything I had expected and so much more. He gives off so much energy and enthusiasm that it’s impossible to walk away unchanged. I left craving more, but was content with finally getting to see him speak in person.





It got even better though.  I am now the very happy owner of the Canon 5D that I’ve been wanting for so long. It was slightly used so I got it for half of what it’s worth. I know….. so how can THAT be better than meeting Hanson Fong???????  It was HANSON FONG’S CAMERA!!!!! 



Me, Ramfis, and Hanson


Hanson was so awesome when he found out I bought his camera. I had a great time talking to him and hearing his stories. He even gave me a few private pointers.  Hanson’s super excited about passing on what he has learned to other photographers, so it doesn’t take them as long as it took him. Really really sweet guy.


My awesome mentor, Mike, took the photos of Hanson and me. Thanks Mike!


Love & blessings,


4 responses to “Meeting Hanson Fong

  1. The photos are great. You did a great job on the photos with Hansen Fong. Your little watermark is nice. Great captures!

  2. Thanks Matt! I checked out your blog… nice work!

  3. That is SO neat. When I was at VWC I used to volunter to go to all different types of seminars, etc. for education and they all fired me up. It is so refreshing to be exposed to talented people who you respect and encourage you to grow and change as a person and in this case a photographer. Someday someone is going to be buying your camera Pudgey. Love and Miss U!

  4. You just melted my heart Pubey! That is one of the most encouraging things anyone has ever said to me!!!
    There is so much power in knowing someone genuinely believes in you. I hope to make Ryley feel like that in whatever she sets her mind and heart on accomplishing.
    You rock Holly! Thanks so much. Love & Miss U 2 😉 Heidi

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