High Tide Heels- what a hoot!

Fay, Gustav, Hanna, Ike, Josephine….. 

all these storms make me feel like a pair of these may be a good idea!



What do you think?  Pretty sweet huh?  Living in Florida during hurricane season can be a bit nerve wracking, so a little humor helps.


Speaking of storms… that reminds me! My friend Tracey’s a new aunt! Her sister & brother-in-law, Kristen & Shane, live on Hilton Head Island and had their first baby during Hanna. Welcome to the world on September 5th Taylor Marie and CONGRATULATIONS Kristen & Shane 🙂

(photo sent to me by Tracey Crowder, taken by family)

That is one of the GREATEST feelings in the world right there!


On a serious note about this storm season, lets keep in our thoughts and prayers all of the people whose loved ones have lost their lives and the thousands who haven’t eaten due to Gustav & Hanna.  Haiti has been hit particularly hard.

Have a nice weekend!

PS~ Inspired by the High Tide Heels, I checked out the funpic site, and found some great photos of the World’s Largest Mosaic created with photos submitted by the public on August 23rd, 2008 .  It’s huge… you’ll be amazed. Way Cool!

The images on funpic are in a different language, but there are some really great shots! The images speak for themselves. If you want to see them click here.  I also found an article about it at allvoices.com in English.


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