Just a real quick post today to share some good news … 

I’ve shared a couple stories from my trip down to Orlando for the Florida Professional Photographers Convention.  What I haven’t mentioned yet, is that I took the Certified Professional Photographer certification examination while I was there. Yesterday, I received a much anticipated letter in the mail which read, 

“Congratulations, you passed the exam.”  Oh, happy day 🙂

Becoming a Certified Professional Photographer is essentially a three part process. First you have to submit an application.  From the time of acceptance you have 2 years to successfully complete the process. One part is passing a detailed examination of your professional photography knowledge, which encompasses a wide range of content, including an understanding of technical skills, composition, proper lighting, etc. This is the part I passed.

The second part is to have my images reviewed by a panel of experts and be judged Qualified. I will be going through that process this fall.

Just like teacher certification, you have to recertify every 5 years. This proves you’re continuing your education, staying current in your field and maintaining the level of expertise required to be a Certified Professional Photographer. It’s especially important now that the digital era has increased the number of inexperienced, low-cost photographers.

Currently, there are very few professional photographers in the United States who have earned this credential; only around 5% or less. For example, out of the hundreds of photographers at the convention, there were only 5 of us who took the exam; some who didn’t pass the first time.

So it’s a great way to stand out from other photographers, and help potential clients choose me over someone else 😉

I have to thank my mentor Mike (The Photography of Mike Permenter), and professional photographer friends Keely (Mikkean Photography), Kim (Kim Kirk Photography), Scott (Shutterly Perfect) and Tammie (Amore Studios) for motivating, encouraging and supporting me through this process!  And of course, I wouldn’t be where I am without my early start in Jacksonville at Gumps Sports Photography with Jeff, Karen, Lorrie, and Angie (who encouraged Jeff to hire me)!

You guys ROCK!!!

Here’s a quick pic of me and Keely during the conference goofing around outside PF Chang’s in Orlando, taken by Mike Permenter.


Goodness, this wasn’t such a quick post after all!  Thanks for reading!!

Love & blessings,

PS~ I wrote the post fast this morning and forgot some things. I remembered that the last thing I did before I opened my exam book was to thank The Lord for my talents that He’s blessed me with, and I put my exam in HIS hands. I thanked Him when I read the congrats letter, but HE should have been the first person I publicly thanked. 

Thank you Lord and please help me with my forgetfulness! Amen.


One response to “Oh, HAPPY DAY!

  1. Heidi, I am SO excited and proud to hear that you’ve passed step one; and are one step closer to being a Certified Professional Photographer…….Honestly, where does it come from? You’ve always been better than good enough and for some reason you are happily going further then you’ve ever needed too! Ya know I’ve got this saying “When you look good, you feel good, therefore you are good.” In your case, “When you do your best, you feel your best, and therefore you are the BEST!” Don’t ever forget that…..love you!

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