Back to Orlando

I have family in England that I only get to see every few years. My grandmother and grandfather were born in England, so I have an extended family over there. I didn’t get to meet them all until I was 26. I’ve been over 4 times since then, and every so often parts of the family will come to the U.S.


This is my grandmother’s sister’s son Brian (my mom’s cousin)  & his wonderful wife Jane.

A few photos from our trip down to Orlando to visit them while they’re on vacation down there. 



 Then to the Fun Spot…we’re waiting to take Ryley to the big parks until she’s a little older.


She’s only 2 (not even 25 months yet)… and she’s getting so big







 Ryley thought she was really driving. Look at the concentration….


Making a new friend. This little girl was ADORABLE! 



Then we went to Wonderworks on International Drive… it was built to look like it’s upside down. It’s packed full of really fun stuff to do. You can easily spend HOURS in there.


Pretty cool, huh? I think the adults had more fun with the bubbles than Ryley did!


This wall was so much fun!  Our hands and faces…. That’s Ryley’s little head at the top, Jerry’s in the middle, and that might be mine on the bottom. Look at Ryley’s cute little hand prints down below…






This place is called Gator Golf. It’s built on top of a man-made lagoon type thing and is full of baby alligators. You can feed them. It attracts a steady stream of passers by. Ryley was a little scared at first…


Checking out the gators…


This was just a few of them.  Cute little critters aren’t they?

I have more catching up to do on my blogging, but that’s all for now.


I hope you all are having a nice week. It’s almost FRIDAY 🙂

Love & Blessings,


2 responses to “Back to Orlando

  1. Great news! It is Friday! Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into your blog, I LOVE hearing about all the fun and sometimes not so fun stuff that is happening in FL and with my good ‘ole pal Pudgey’. So my comments….I remember when you first went to England, if you were 26, I was how old?? Brian and Jane seem like such wonderful people, great smiles and I know they LOVED Ryley. So, after this blog I’m coming to FL tonight (I wish). I want to go to the Mall, the Fun Spot, and Wonderworks. My favorite pictures were the picture with Brian and Jane inside the store, great shot! Also, little Ryley next to that little girl on the rollercoster so precious. I really liked the next picture with Ryley and little girl on the ride, Ryley smiling and carefree, and the little girl’s dress flying in the air. Onto Wonderworks, seriously, that stuff is so interesting to me…I must go there. That is something that David and I would love to do, forget the mall, and the amusement parks, give us science and knowleadge, learning is so fun! The building is AMAZING. I can’t believe they have gators and everything….speaking of gators I almost died when I saw Jerry holding Ryley on the edge of the fence, when down below were hungry gators. Freaked me out! Reason 1,985 I’m not ready to be a mother just yet…gators….2 year old on the fence…never. Then again you and Jerry are risk takers anyways; and I know he had her tight. My favorite picture of all, first because I hardly see pictures with you and Ryley, was the black and white astronaunt shot of the two of you, I would actually love a copy of that. So perfect. That shot really made me feel that you both were so happy and having a blast. Through the black and white it still looked like you both were glowing. Well, that’s all for now. Thanks again. Love you!

  2. Holly, ONCE AGAIN you have me busting a gut laughing. You’re hilarious… the things you say keep me in stitches. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE getting these long comments from you! They’re always a nice surprise. Thanks for all the comments, critiques, and compliments!!! Now I feel like a bad mommy though, because it never occurred to me that Ryley could actually fall in there with those gators! Wonderworks is awesome (no live gators there). I wished we could have spend more time in there, but everyone was getting tired and hungry. So get your little tushes down here and give me an excuse to go back 😉 Love you bunches, Heidi

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