Angie’s Exhibit…

The image of me on my h.a.e 411 page was taken by my good friend Angie Bechanan. She was the first photographer friend that I made when I moved here to Jax.

Angie has an exhibit at the Energy Lab Art Gallery in St. Augustine, and has an upcoming event that I’m passing along. She’s an awesome photographer. Many of her captivating images are from missions trips that she’s been on. I always love seeing her fantastic photographs when she returns. 

Stop by, tell her Hi, and let her know you heard about her exhibit on my blog! Maybe you’ll even see me there too! I’m looking forward to it 🙂


Here’s a quote from her website….


“After just a few visits to our projects overseas, Angie has single-handedly turned one of our biggest weaknesses into one of our biggest strengths. Her compelling images convey what is impossible to communicate through mere words–her pictures intimately and immediately connect supporters to the living, breathing people in need of our support.”
Robby Brumberg, field reporter, assistant editor of Hopegivers International


To check out her site, click on her name or on the exhibit announcement above.


Love & Blessings,



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