Hey Everyone!

Well, I decided since I spent my entire birthday IN BED SICK, it never happened, so I’m not a year older ;).  I had the nasty stomach virus that Ryley had (nice bday gift), but she was able to function during the day. I felt so bad, that at one point I was on the toilet, and next thing I knew I was laying bare bummed on the bathroom floor! I had passed out, smashed my face on the floor, and my forehead on a little stand we have in there… go ahead, laugh! It’s funny now that I feel better.

So with my renewed energy, I  freshened up my banner. It all started when I began to create a new logo for myself. I’ve got several versions of it, so I’ll be changing it a few times within the next couple weeks. Please comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Here’s a couple photos of Ryley with her Valentines gifts: clip on earrings and a monkey.



I have a senior portrait session in the morning that I’m really excited about. Tyler is the third and final high school senior that I’ve photographed in  his family. He may be the last to graduate, but he’ll probably also have the best photos too!  I’ve gotten better 🙂

Love & Blessings,



One response to “{NEW LOOK!}

  1. she’s relly a cute girl
    great catch)

    good luck

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