Starpoint Reunion 2008….finally posting

Last summer, I went to my 20 year (ugh) high school reunion. This summer I promised my friends I’d finally post my photos …I’m uploading them to Facebook.  I only got 2 photos of our evening at the Tuscarora Inn, owned by our classmate and friend Nancy (Meli) DeFlippo.


Here we are 10 years after high school in 1998…

10 year Reunion Niki, Heidi, Kim

Niki (Kolosko) Panas    – me –     Kimberly (Partyka) Northem


Here we are 20 years after high school  in 2008…


(you’ll see Niki’s adorable twin boys below with Ryley)



with us in this photo is Chris (Ketter) Walters


Although I graduated from Starpoint, I had also attended Lockport schools from K through 8th grade.  I really lucked out, because  they were having their reunion the same weekend!  It was fun to see how many people remembered me, even after all those years





Since we graduated, Starpoint has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation/addition … we couldn’t believe our eyes when we toured it.   See me on Facebook for more photos




Ryley just before turning 2 years old.




Starpoint… Home of the Spartans



My friend Mike Chapin helped me with Ryley so I could take photos….



Mr. “Sark”  giving us the tour…







then off to the reunion picnic… (see Facebook for photo album)









I’m posting all the rest of my images on Facebook…see you there!


Love & Blessings, my-signature-75dpiweb


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