Interested in an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY???

Interested in FREE PORTRAITS taken by some of the BEST photographers in the nation/world?


Some slots are still open for family, young couple, high school senior girls (or close to that age), and maternity (must be at least 7 months along) at the The Florida Professional Photographers Convention in Orlando on Aug. 23-26.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll give you more info!  You just need to respond ASAP, because spaces are limited and I’m not the only person sending out this info.

Here are some photos of me taken during Florida School in June 2009 by Bruce Evensen. This was taken at the end of a very hot, sticky, buggy, family portrait photo safari for his Foundations of Portraiture class I was attending (note I send attending and NOT ‘modeling for’) in the parking lot as we were all about to leave. Bruce looked at me and said “Don’t Move!”  He saw natural (no flash) rembrandt lighting and didn’t care that I was all sweaty with yucky, stringing hair. Next day my mug was all over the classroom wall for a while.


Heidi Ecklor by Bruce Evenson - Foundation of Portraiture at FPP Florida School in Daytona

Or, you may have seen this one that one of my classmates posted on Facebook …

by Bruce Evensen during Florida School

Years ago I used to model and taught modeling, but still don’t like being on the “other” side of the camera, so I know that feeling. So I wanted to post an example like this to encourage anyone who is really interested but thinking “I could never do that” or “They’d never want me.”  You are the perfect person! Photography instructors (& their students) are thrilled to have people willing to stand in front of a camera and take directions so they can demonstrate what they are teaching 🙂 

We need people to ‘model’ for us so we can practice, built portfolios, develop new product lines, etc. AND we have a ton of fun in the process …. and YOU get free portraits… don’t hesitate… if you’re interested let me know! Even if not this time, there’s always a need, so still let me know you’d like to in the future and I’ll add you to my list 😉


Thanks a bunch!



5 responses to “Interested in an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY???

  1. Thanks for the enc0uragement! I know the camera hates me! I wish I could get great pics of me!

  2. Girl! THAT’S NONSENSE!!! You’re gorgeous!
    You should have said something when I was home & I would have done some portraits for you! I’ll hook you up next time 🙂

  3. Heidi, I just love you so much…you are so amazing…I miss you…I still have one of your old modeling pictures…lol….I have a lot of stuff from you…miss you and Ryley…..can’t believe she is almost 3!!!!!

  4. HEY HOLLY!!!! I love & miss you too, and I’m dying to come up there for a visit. I’ve got Labor Day weekend kickin around in my head, so pray for me to get some extra Moola ! I know – THREE!!! We’ve looked at the photos from our last visit with you, Kim, & Mary several times over the past week.
    Call me when you have a minute to chat! Miss hearing your sweet voice. I have a tax question for ya – KIDDING!!!

  5. A place to get educated is at if you know anyone in Florida who is interested in modeling and acting

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