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Starpoint Reunion 2008….finally posting

Last summer, I went to my 20 year (ugh) high school reunion. This summer I promised my friends I’d finally post my photos …I’m uploading them to Facebook.  I only got 2 photos of our evening at the Tuscarora Inn, owned by our classmate and friend Nancy (Meli) DeFlippo.


Here we are 10 years after high school in 1998…

10 year Reunion Niki, Heidi, Kim

Niki (Kolosko) Panas    – me –     Kimberly (Partyka) Northem


Here we are 20 years after high school  in 2008…


(you’ll see Niki’s adorable twin boys below with Ryley)



with us in this photo is Chris (Ketter) Walters


Although I graduated from Starpoint, I had also attended Lockport schools from K through 8th grade.  I really lucked out, because  they were having their reunion the same weekend!  It was fun to see how many people remembered me, even after all those years





Since we graduated, Starpoint has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation/addition … we couldn’t believe our eyes when we toured it.   See me on Facebook for more photos




Ryley just before turning 2 years old.




Starpoint… Home of the Spartans



My friend Mike Chapin helped me with Ryley so I could take photos….



Mr. “Sark”  giving us the tour…







then off to the reunion picnic… (see Facebook for photo album)









I’m posting all the rest of my images on Facebook…see you there!


Love & Blessings, my-signature-75dpiweb


please PRAY!

My friend Tracey who lives in Gloucester, VA sent me this message request for prayer, and I just had to share. If you are a parent, have family with young children, or know anyone with small children you have to read this! Stories like these are becoming more and more frequent, so we need to keep building awareness and also pray for those who have experienced this horrific tragedy!

PLEASE read the message below.  I’ve joined a group on Facebook – We Love
– Katie is 15 and the daughter of Kristi Milby Vann and David Vann
(Helen Vann’s son).  Since Jan. Katie has been in a wheelchair and is now in
Boston for evaluation to see if she qualifies for treatment for a very rare
disease known as RSD or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (chronic, painful and
progressive neurological condition that affects the skin, muscles, joints,
and bones.  Her injury is a direct result of a broken ankle she suffered in
Jan. 2008.  Through all their visits to CHKD, they are hearing and sharing
so many other stories of people in need of prayer.  This family is in

Butch Holland sent a message to the members of We Love Katie.

Subject: We were sent this and just feel led to ask for your prayers for
this family

Since we already have a huge prayer chain, we would like to ask for your
prayers for a family in Farmville, as they are going through an unthinkable

The Williams pastor a small church in Farmville, and they have three
children and 6 grandchildren.  On Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Williams were
keeping all of their grandchildren for the day and were outside playing at
the church.  Mrs. Williams got in her car to go get lunch at McDonald’s, and
as she pulled out onto the street, she didn’t realize that her nearly- three
year old grandson Addison had run out to the car.  Pastor Williams had tried
to catch him, but wasn’t quick enough.  Little Addison was struck and killed
under the back tire of Mrs. Williams’ SUV.  Not knowing what had happened,
Mrs. Williams continued on to McDonald’s, while Pastor Williams frantically
called for emergency services while trying to keep the other five
grandchildren (ages 4-9) from being so traumatized.

I attended the visitation/wake for the family last night, and I can say with
certainty that I have never in my life seen such heart-breaking grief.
Pastor Williams and his wife are absolutely broken and defeated.  They both
blame themselves.  The other grandchildren are having nightmares and the
oldest one is angry at God for “allowing this to happen.”

The funeral for Addison is today around 2.  Please pray that divine peace
that can only come from Christ be poured out onto this family.  They are an
important part of the Farmville community through both their church and
their business.  (Ironically, Rex Williams owns the main towing business in
Farmville and is the one who cleans up wrecks.)

Thank you for praying for this family.  I simply cannot imagine what they
are going through right now.  Please feel free to pass this along to any
other prayer warriors you know.

horsin’ around


 This weekend, I spent some mother & daughter time with Ryley on a ranch.  A little known fact about me – I LOVE HORSES!!!  Ryley likes them too, but has never been around that many horses at one time.


We went to photograph our friend Ashley, the daughter of Ryley’s child care provider Stephanie. Ashley spends most of her free time at this ranch. I’ve been wanting to see her ride for ages, so I finally made time this weekend. Her horse’s name is Bucky, she’s been riding him for a long time, and he LOVES her. He follows Ashley without her having to hold the reigns!

( I fogot the black line around my white borders)
















This one looks cool full size. Your eyes get drawn into this rugged all the movement with the hooves and dirt flying, then you notice at the top that the riders are wearing  ‘pink’  t-shirts! 









Ryley’s first experience with stinging nettles (sp?)… at first I thought she got stung by a bee!  Poor little thing.     Miss Stephanie to the rescue




Didn’t take long to forget about the sting!






Ryley loves Ashley





You don’t see this every day…









They say you’re not supposed to mix b&w  with  sepia,  but I like to…    looks MUCH better full size





Ashley has beautiful eye color!


Ended the trip with a shot of this cute little fella who was wishing he was a little taller




Well, how’s that for catching up on posting photos???    Have a great week!

Love & Blessings,my-signature-75dpiwebxoxo

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This is what it looked like before I changed it…







 Dark version…

2009-hae photography dark wordpress banner

Happy Birthday Dad & Blessings to Meg

Hey Everyone and Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad, Fred Preisch:




This is my friend Meg Young. She left yesterday for a missions trip to Africa! Her mom hired me to create a family portrait just before Christmas, so she could have it done before Meg left. After the family went inside, Meg and I created a bunch of portraits of her to surprise her Mom & Dad.  This is one of their favorites. She won’t be back until December of this year, so the portraits were a very nice surprise.


Inspired by the Lord, Meg has recently created a new non-profit ministry for abandoned babies & children in Africa. Check out Meg’s blog for They Are Not Forgotten Ministries, Inc. !  You’ll love her banner at the top of her blog. Since it’s brand new, it’ll be fun to read all her posts of her experiences in Africa and watch her ministry grow. Please keep her  and this awesome new ministry in your prayers. Add one in for her family too please. I know they’ll miss her tremendously.

You can subscribe to her blog while you’re there, or just click on the link to it on the right side of my blog.

Love & Blessings,my-signature-75dpiweb



Our annual Professional Photographers Society of North Florida Christmas Party was the other night … a night full of surprises.  First, I was given this beautiful basket full of home-made chocolate goodies made by several of the women from our guild.  Deeeeeee licious ! ! !



Next, I was awarded the Jim and Adrienne Abrisch Scholarship, which is a paid Florida School tuition for May 31st-June 4, 2009 at Daytona Beach Community College. Since only new members are eligible to apply, it was a one time opportunity for me.  Applicants had to submit a written application answering multiple questions, such as what photography means to you. I couldn’t believe my ears when part of MY essay  was read by our president just before announcing the winner of the scholarship! The scholarship program was begun in honor of Professional Photographers Society of North Florida members Jim and Adrienne Abrisch after they were killed in a plane crash on December 12, 2001.  They were dear people who were greatly loved and respected.

Chris from Desktop Darkroom was on hand to photograph us again this year and did a fabulous job.  He took this photo of me and Mike Permenter.  Mike had a large influence in my next surprise.




When I got home and opened my mail, I found out that I passed the image submission phase of my certification process! In August I passed the written exam. Then I had to submit 20 images to a panel of Certified Professional Photographer judges.  Thanks to Mike, I passed BOTH the exam and the image submission on my first try. Mike is not only an awesome photographer, he is also our local PhotoShop guru. He helped me study for the exam, critiques my work, and gives me advice whenever I need it.   I have to thank Rick Ferro also, who gave me some valuable constructive criticism on several portraits I was considering to submit.



Thanks for reading and sharing my excitement!  I probably wouldn’t have been able to attend Florida School if I hadn’t won the scholarship. You have no idea how grateful I am to have won. I thank  God for these blessings!

Don’t forget…. JESUS is the reason for this season!!!  Let Him shine through you during this crazy, busy holiday season.  Much easier said than done, I know, but really…. we’re too blessed to be stressed, right!? 😉  


Lots of Love & Blessings,



Marriage, and the Slow Fade

Sunday was our 6 year anniversary…

We started the day by going to church where Ryley learned that Jesus lives in her heart. Since we conceived Ryley on our 3rd anniversary, we decided to celebrate her this year and took her to Chuck E Cheeses for the first time. We had a ton of fun….



 the Thinker…









 Haven’t you always wanted to do that?




Ryley talked about Chuck E “Cheeses” all the way home. When we were getting her ready for bed and talking about her day, I asked her to tell her daddy who lives in her heart. She said “Chuck E CHEESES!!!”… turns out ‘Cheeses’ sounds an awful lot like ‘Jesus’ when coming out of the mouth of a toddler. Isn’t that a good one!?

Being a parent is an amazing experience!

Since I’m on the topic of anniversaries/marriage, I want to encourage everyone to see the movie FIREPROOF. It’s an awesome movie about love & marriage, and how easily we fall into the destructive cycles that all too often lead to divorce. Please take a few minutes to watch this short video about the inspiration behind the song Slow Fade from Fireproof. You will be glad you did! Then watch and listen to the music video SLOW FADE by Casting Crowns (click on the underlined words above to their links).

Jerry and I are about half way through a marriage class at our church with several other couples using the video series Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his wife Sarah.  It is by far the BEST information available on marriage and the needs of men & women. He explains in a humorous way how God designed us to be DIFFERENT. It is absolutely amazing and eye opening.  It’s SO GOOD that I want to stand on a mountain top and tell the world about it. When you hear it, it makes SO MUCH SENSE. AND it’s the way God made us to be, so you don’t feel like such a lousy person/spouse after you realize why the differences lead to conflict.

The divorce rate is so high because it’s so easy for husbands and wives to get trapped in the “Crazy Cycle” of miscommunication, misunderstanding, hurt, anger, and bitterness. This is information that our sons and daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends, etc. etc. need to know so they don’t go through all the pain and heartache that we’ve experienced in our own relationships.  You can see all kinds of stuff for FREE just by going to the website (… like this little snippet on the “Crazy Cycle” or check out these FREE video segments… like the one called “Pink & Blue”

You can get the entire Love and Respsect video series through download for only $40, and I promise, it’s worth it!!! Click here. OR you can purchase each segment separately for $10. So if you’re skeptical, you can just watch the 1st segment to see if you like it. 

God’s timing is perfect. I am a child of a bitter divorce and years of resentment between my parents. I know the scars this can leave in people. We need to help others not put our children and ourselves through that!

It’s no accident that I saw the movie Fireproof, found the video & inspiration for Slow Fade, AND am in this awesome marriage class all in the same time frame. PLEASE take some time and check out the links above!

I love you all,


Jax Fair

Posting a couple pix from the fair this past weekend. More to come…





Ryley & “Aunt Lorrie” … Ryley had a great time with you!


Love & Blessings,