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Happy Halloween!

Yet another month has BLAZED by since my last post.  School (work) has me so busy this year, there isn’t much time for things like blogging, Facebook, personal email, etc.

I’m only working with 4th grade this year via a Team Teaching / Co-Teaching model.  Our 4th grade Inclusion Homeroom teacher is Mrs. Shockey. We have 26 students.  The kids are with Shockey/Ecklor for  Math, Science, & Social Studies. Then they switch classes for Reading & Writing with Evans/Ecklor.

Ryley got to dress up 4 times this year for different Halloween activities. Last weekend she was a cheerleader princess for the Stockton Fun Run and she dressed as a princess for Spooktacular at the Jax Zoo.

Friday night we went trick-or-treating at the Avenues Mall with some friends (cheerleader princess again). Then for Halloween, I made her a giraffe costume.  We had found a giraffe print hoodie that inspired me to make her a full costume. I made a tail, mane and horns and sewed them onto the hoodie. I painted a pair of pants with a giraffe print to match the hoodie & then made her some hooves.  




Wanna see something CREEPY????

We took Ryley trick-or-treating in a neighborhood near where I work and parked on the side of the road. There were a couple small trees in the area between the sidewalk and our vehicle (foreshadowing).  When we were finished Ryley was tired, so Jerry carried her back to the Explorer. I went around to the driver’s side (on the road) to unlock it, while Jerry crossed the grass from the sidewalk to the truck and headed between the two trees.

Luckily his “spidey sense” kicked in and he spotted this ‘little’ guy  (more like 3 inches) right in front of them building a web between the trees. I have no idea how I managed to get out of the car without running face first into the thing. The shock probably would have killed me!!!

Being a ‘come here’ to Florida, I have no idea if this guy is poisonous or even what kind it is. So if anyone knows, please fill me in!



Can you IMAGINE walking FACE FIRST into it????  AAAAAHHHHHHHH

Check out my Facebook albums for more photos from Halloween and other recent events!


From the Heart,




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Family, Birthdays & Orlando

Just a quick post.

On Monday March 9th, it was my brother Brandon’s b-day. On Tuesday March 10th, it was my husband Jerry’s b-day AND my sister Jacki had her second baby that morning! I only have cell phone photos of her though. Sara Ann Tothill was born at 6:38am on  3/10/09 weighing 6 lbs 10 oz.  She is PRECIOUS!    Both mine &  Jacki’s middle names are Ann 🙂

Jacki went into labor the night of the 9th, and I was so excited text messaging everyone I could think of, that I must have forgotten to turn my alarm to ‘on’ when I set it.  Either that or I slept through it (again).  Luckily, my friend Debbie called me at 7:35 am (I have to leave for work at 7:30 to make it on time).  It was one of those delirious, crackly voiced  “What time is it???…Deep Gasp…. HOLY CRAP  I’m LATE!” moments.  As I was FLyING around the house to get out the door, my phone buzzed.  There was a pix message of sweet little Sara Ann, just born, laying in just her diaper….and that’s how I found out she had arrived safely. It was such a relief, since it had been a long pregnancy & Jacki was sick a lot.  A flood of gratitude rushed over me and I cried like a baby … THANKING  THE  LORD as I rushed out of the house.  The only photos I have are on my cell phone, so I can’t share 😦   just yet.

I just put new photos on Facebook from this past weekend. My brother Brandon, his wife, niece & in-laws were vacationing in Orlando last week. They spent Brandon’s birthday at Disney and the rest of the week visiting all the parks.  Jerry, Ryley, and I went down on Friday, hung out, had dinner at the Polynesian Resort, spent the night, had breakfast with some Disney characters, then we took Brandon & Ashley to the airport.

At breakfast, Ryley was very excited to get to meet Mickey. Unfortunately, Stitch came to our table first. . . . . .


Stitch trying to greet Ryley

Ryley let out a blood curdling scream when Stitch tried to say Hi to her (which I DIDN’T get any photos of, because she needed comforting). Ryley flew out of her chair so fast that she left her shoe behind!  She had never seen him before, was terrified of him, and cried hysterically.

Lilo came over and fussed at Stitch for scaring Ryley.   



Then, Mickey came over and covered his ears trying to make Ryley laugh.  She wasn’t having any part of him either though.  This was the best we could do for a photo of Ryley with Mickey….


Notice she only has on ONE shoe??!!! I can relate…I’m that way with spiders

On Sunday, I took Ryley to Blockbuster, found Lilo & Stitch, and she rented it.  Now Ryley LOVES these photos  and loves to tell the story.

To see more fun photos from our trip, click on this link  to my Facebook page.

Gotta get to bed. . . . . HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!

love & blessings, my-signature-75dpiweb   xoxo

High Tide Heels- what a hoot!

Fay, Gustav, Hanna, Ike, Josephine….. 

all these storms make me feel like a pair of these may be a good idea!



What do you think?  Pretty sweet huh?  Living in Florida during hurricane season can be a bit nerve wracking, so a little humor helps.


Speaking of storms… that reminds me! My friend Tracey’s a new aunt! Her sister & brother-in-law, Kristen & Shane, live on Hilton Head Island and had their first baby during Hanna. Welcome to the world on September 5th Taylor Marie and CONGRATULATIONS Kristen & Shane 🙂

(photo sent to me by Tracey Crowder, taken by family)

That is one of the GREATEST feelings in the world right there!


On a serious note about this storm season, lets keep in our thoughts and prayers all of the people whose loved ones have lost their lives and the thousands who haven’t eaten due to Gustav & Hanna.  Haiti has been hit particularly hard.

Have a nice weekend!

PS~ Inspired by the High Tide Heels, I checked out the funpic site, and found some great photos of the World’s Largest Mosaic created with photos submitted by the public on August 23rd, 2008 .  It’s huge… you’ll be amazed. Way Cool!

The images on funpic are in a different language, but there are some really great shots! The images speak for themselves. If you want to see them click here.  I also found an article about it at in English.

“poop, Mommy”

You can tell from the title, this is a good one. Feel free to laugh!!
So, we made it onto the plane going from Jax to Atlanta… me, Ryley, a bulky stroller, & 2 heavy carry on bags. Got the visual?
I was all excited, because this time I know it will be ‘easy’ to keep Ryley entertained… I brought a mini-DVD player & 3 new DVDs to hold her interest.  Turned out I had it switched to ‘on’ while charging, so by the time we got on the plane, it had lost it’s charge…. & the books were in the overhead compartment. Ever try to entertain a toddler with a Sky Mall magazine?  For your sake, I hope not.  Luckily the lady sitting next to us had children and grandchildren, so she didn’t mind Ryley trying to feed her pretzels.
I found an outlet for the DVD player in the Atlanta airport, so Ryley was able to watch some Blues Clues during our layover… unfortunately it wasn’t long enough to charge the battery.
Then we were sitting on the 2nd plane waiting for take off. THIS TIME I was savvy enough to get her books & Elmo out before hoisting the 2 heavy bags over my head into the compartment. There was a delay of course, so everyone on the plane was getting anxious to take off. . . . .
Then I smelled something…and Ryley said “Poop, Momma”.  She was wearing a onsie (Jerry had dressed her) so I couldn’t peek. But the smell compelled me to take action. Of course, we were next to the window and had to crawl over 2 ladies, AND get a diaper out of the overhead with the entire plane watching (we were at the very front of coach). Went into the potty at the front of 1st class… and there was no changing table. I’m thinking how on earth am I going to do THIS? Turned out to be a false alarm…just gas, but I didn’t confess that to the ladies as we crawled back over them.
Then, not 5 minutes later, she did it for REAL and it stunk to high heaven. Notice I said I got out A diaper before? Yes, I had only gotten one, so I had to go through all that again (did I mention the bags were heavy!?!?). This time I got 4 out. The changing table was in the bathroom at the very back of the plane, so Ryley waved & said ‘hello’ to all the people as we walked by.
When we got back to our seat, Ryley’s milk had spilled all in our seat…. but I had 3 diapers in my hand! I didn’t dare use more than one though, just in case she had another blow out. So, I put one down & hoped it would soak it up, but I still had a wet butt when we got to Buffalo.  At that point I could care less that it looked like I wet my pants!
It’s really nice to be here with my family! It was all worth it :o)
Here’s Ethan & Ryley today playing in a box… unsuspecting the camera…