please PRAY!

My friend Tracey who lives in Gloucester, VA sent me this message request for prayer, and I just had to share. If you are a parent, have family with young children, or know anyone with small children you have to read this! Stories like these are becoming more and more frequent, so we need to keep building awareness and also pray for those who have experienced this horrific tragedy!

PLEASE read the message below.  I’ve joined a group on Facebook – We Love
– Katie is 15 and the daughter of Kristi Milby Vann and David Vann
(Helen Vann’s son).  Since Jan. Katie has been in a wheelchair and is now in
Boston for evaluation to see if she qualifies for treatment for a very rare
disease known as RSD or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (chronic, painful and
progressive neurological condition that affects the skin, muscles, joints,
and bones.  Her injury is a direct result of a broken ankle she suffered in
Jan. 2008.  Through all their visits to CHKD, they are hearing and sharing
so many other stories of people in need of prayer.  This family is in

Butch Holland sent a message to the members of We Love Katie.

Subject: We were sent this and just feel led to ask for your prayers for
this family

Since we already have a huge prayer chain, we would like to ask for your
prayers for a family in Farmville, as they are going through an unthinkable

The Williams pastor a small church in Farmville, and they have three
children and 6 grandchildren.  On Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Williams were
keeping all of their grandchildren for the day and were outside playing at
the church.  Mrs. Williams got in her car to go get lunch at McDonald’s, and
as she pulled out onto the street, she didn’t realize that her nearly- three
year old grandson Addison had run out to the car.  Pastor Williams had tried
to catch him, but wasn’t quick enough.  Little Addison was struck and killed
under the back tire of Mrs. Williams’ SUV.  Not knowing what had happened,
Mrs. Williams continued on to McDonald’s, while Pastor Williams frantically
called for emergency services while trying to keep the other five
grandchildren (ages 4-9) from being so traumatized.

I attended the visitation/wake for the family last night, and I can say with
certainty that I have never in my life seen such heart-breaking grief.
Pastor Williams and his wife are absolutely broken and defeated.  They both
blame themselves.  The other grandchildren are having nightmares and the
oldest one is angry at God for “allowing this to happen.”

The funeral for Addison is today around 2.  Please pray that divine peace
that can only come from Christ be poured out onto this family.  They are an
important part of the Farmville community through both their church and
their business.  (Ironically, Rex Williams owns the main towing business in
Farmville and is the one who cleans up wrecks.)

Thank you for praying for this family.  I simply cannot imagine what they
are going through right now.  Please feel free to pass this along to any
other prayer warriors you know.


Happy Mom’s Day!

I’ve been up since 3:00 am – just enjoying the peace & quiet, and working on photos of course. I hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day!

I spent a lot of time playing with Ryley this weekend. She’s so much fun!

Ryley with maracas board-hae

Ryley’s 2 years and 8.5 months old – that’s all really!

Mother's Day with Ryley board 2-hae

Jerry was very sick all weekend, but he managed to muster enough energy for a 5 minute photo session in our front yard.   A little bit of trivia – Jerry & I met 7 years ago on Mother’s Day weekend 🙂

Have a great week!

Love & Blessings, my-signature-75dpiweb 

The Motions

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a reeeeeeeally long time since I’ve written on this blog. We’re already over halfway through April… life just whizzes by in one big blur sometimes. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m just going through the motions… just trying to get through another day.  

At the end of each day, I usually feel a defeated emptiness, because yet another day went by that I didn’t sit down with the Lord. Just me & Him. Not even a measly 5 minutes.  I give my time to everyone and everything else. Even though I want to, I never MAKE time to spend that 1:1 time with Jesus. He’s in my heart, but I constantly fall short of spending time in His word.  I’m really good at beating myself up over it too, huh?

Then a couple days ago I heard a song on the radio that was exactly how I was feeling! I love it when that happens 🙂  I’m hoping this song will help me break out of that rut…

Check out the video!  Here’s the link: The Motions by Matthew West


Feel free to ask my how I’m doing on that … it’s always good to have an accountability partner!

Love & Blessings, 


Family, Birthdays & Orlando

Just a quick post.

On Monday March 9th, it was my brother Brandon’s b-day. On Tuesday March 10th, it was my husband Jerry’s b-day AND my sister Jacki had her second baby that morning! I only have cell phone photos of her though. Sara Ann Tothill was born at 6:38am on  3/10/09 weighing 6 lbs 10 oz.  She is PRECIOUS!    Both mine &  Jacki’s middle names are Ann 🙂

Jacki went into labor the night of the 9th, and I was so excited text messaging everyone I could think of, that I must have forgotten to turn my alarm to ‘on’ when I set it.  Either that or I slept through it (again).  Luckily, my friend Debbie called me at 7:35 am (I have to leave for work at 7:30 to make it on time).  It was one of those delirious, crackly voiced  “What time is it???…Deep Gasp…. HOLY CRAP  I’m LATE!” moments.  As I was FLyING around the house to get out the door, my phone buzzed.  There was a pix message of sweet little Sara Ann, just born, laying in just her diaper….and that’s how I found out she had arrived safely. It was such a relief, since it had been a long pregnancy & Jacki was sick a lot.  A flood of gratitude rushed over me and I cried like a baby … THANKING  THE  LORD as I rushed out of the house.  The only photos I have are on my cell phone, so I can’t share 😦   just yet.

I just put new photos on Facebook from this past weekend. My brother Brandon, his wife, niece & in-laws were vacationing in Orlando last week. They spent Brandon’s birthday at Disney and the rest of the week visiting all the parks.  Jerry, Ryley, and I went down on Friday, hung out, had dinner at the Polynesian Resort, spent the night, had breakfast with some Disney characters, then we took Brandon & Ashley to the airport.

At breakfast, Ryley was very excited to get to meet Mickey. Unfortunately, Stitch came to our table first. . . . . .


Stitch trying to greet Ryley

Ryley let out a blood curdling scream when Stitch tried to say Hi to her (which I DIDN’T get any photos of, because she needed comforting). Ryley flew out of her chair so fast that she left her shoe behind!  She had never seen him before, was terrified of him, and cried hysterically.

Lilo came over and fussed at Stitch for scaring Ryley.   



Then, Mickey came over and covered his ears trying to make Ryley laugh.  She wasn’t having any part of him either though.  This was the best we could do for a photo of Ryley with Mickey….


Notice she only has on ONE shoe??!!! I can relate…I’m that way with spiders

On Sunday, I took Ryley to Blockbuster, found Lilo & Stitch, and she rented it.  Now Ryley LOVES these photos  and loves to tell the story.

To see more fun photos from our trip, click on this link  to my Facebook page.

Gotta get to bed. . . . . HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!

love & blessings, my-signature-75dpiweb   xoxo

horsin’ around


 This weekend, I spent some mother & daughter time with Ryley on a ranch.  A little known fact about me – I LOVE HORSES!!!  Ryley likes them too, but has never been around that many horses at one time.


We went to photograph our friend Ashley, the daughter of Ryley’s child care provider Stephanie. Ashley spends most of her free time at this ranch. I’ve been wanting to see her ride for ages, so I finally made time this weekend. Her horse’s name is Bucky, she’s been riding him for a long time, and he LOVES her. He follows Ashley without her having to hold the reigns!

( I fogot the black line around my white borders)
















This one looks cool full size. Your eyes get drawn into this rugged all the movement with the hooves and dirt flying, then you notice at the top that the riders are wearing  ‘pink’  t-shirts! 









Ryley’s first experience with stinging nettles (sp?)… at first I thought she got stung by a bee!  Poor little thing.     Miss Stephanie to the rescue




Didn’t take long to forget about the sting!






Ryley loves Ashley





You don’t see this every day…









They say you’re not supposed to mix b&w  with  sepia,  but I like to…    looks MUCH better full size





Ashley has beautiful eye color!


Ended the trip with a shot of this cute little fella who was wishing he was a little taller




Well, how’s that for catching up on posting photos???    Have a great week!

Love & Blessings,my-signature-75dpiwebxoxo

PS ~ IF YOU ARE AN EMAIL SUBSCRIBER, THIS  IS ONE OF THE NEW LOOKS I’M PLAYING WITH… Click on the link for my BLOG to see it on the web…






This is what it looked like before I changed it…







 Dark version…

2009-hae photography dark wordpress banner


Hey Everyone!

Well, I decided since I spent my entire birthday IN BED SICK, it never happened, so I’m not a year older ;).  I had the nasty stomach virus that Ryley had (nice bday gift), but she was able to function during the day. I felt so bad, that at one point I was on the toilet, and next thing I knew I was laying bare bummed on the bathroom floor! I had passed out, smashed my face on the floor, and my forehead on a little stand we have in there… go ahead, laugh! It’s funny now that I feel better.

So with my renewed energy, I  freshened up my banner. It all started when I began to create a new logo for myself. I’ve got several versions of it, so I’ll be changing it a few times within the next couple weeks. Please comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Here’s a couple photos of Ryley with her Valentines gifts: clip on earrings and a monkey.



I have a senior portrait session in the morning that I’m really excited about. Tyler is the third and final high school senior that I’ve photographed in  his family. He may be the last to graduate, but he’ll probably also have the best photos too!  I’ve gotten better 🙂

Love & Blessings,


Science Spectacular, Ryley, & Facebook

Hi All, can you believe it’s nearing the end of January already!?!? I haven’t been good about blogging this month, because my clients have been keeping me pretty busy. Here’s an update:


I got my Hanson Fong Canon 5D back from being serviced by Canon (THANKS Hanson & Michael!), so I’ve been playing with it a bunch. On Friday, I took it to work for our Science Day and used it every chance I got. Channel 47 meteorologist Mike Buresh came out to our school again, I sent  him some photos, and he has 2 of them posted on his blog.  Click on the link to his blog and scroll down a bit to see the photos/snapshots…. or look below.

Mike Buresh at John Stockton Science Day


Meteorologist Mike Buresh at John Stockton Science Day


channel 47 news meterologist Mike Buresh at John Stockton Science Day


Heidi Ecklor & meteorologist Mike Buresh Channel 47 News 



child photography - heidi ecklor


child photography - heidi ecklor



child photography -  heidi ecklor




Then after school, I photographed Ryley playing in a bunch of leaves (something you don’t see often in Florida).

 h.a.e photography - Heidi Ecklor, child photography



h.a.e photography - children portrait photography


Believe it or not, she’s only 2 1/2 years old!


h.a.e photography - children portrait photography




News Flash!                 I’m on FACEBOOK

Problem is, I don’t know how to tell YOU to get there. For now, just go to Facebook and search my name.  I created my account before work this morning, and when I got home from my PPSNF meeting this evening, there were about 55 emails from friends already! 

I just added h.a.e photography to Facebook as well, so try searching that too!

Love & blessings,Heidi Ecklor