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Interested in an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY???

Interested in FREE PORTRAITS taken by some of the BEST photographers in the nation/world?


Some slots are still open for family, young couple, high school senior girls (or close to that age), and maternity (must be at least 7 months along) at the The Florida Professional Photographers Convention in Orlando on Aug. 23-26.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll give you more info!  You just need to respond ASAP, because spaces are limited and I’m not the only person sending out this info.

Here are some photos of me taken during Florida School in June 2009 by Bruce Evensen. This was taken at the end of a very hot, sticky, buggy, family portrait photo safari for his Foundations of Portraiture class I was attending (note I send attending and NOT ‘modeling for’) in the parking lot as we were all about to leave. Bruce looked at me and said “Don’t Move!”  He saw natural (no flash) rembrandt lighting and didn’t care that I was all sweaty with yucky, stringing hair. Next day my mug was all over the classroom wall for a while.


Heidi Ecklor by Bruce Evenson - Foundation of Portraiture at FPP Florida School in Daytona

Or, you may have seen this one that one of my classmates posted on Facebook …

by Bruce Evensen during Florida School

Years ago I used to model and taught modeling, but still don’t like being on the “other” side of the camera, so I know that feeling. So I wanted to post an example like this to encourage anyone who is really interested but thinking “I could never do that” or “They’d never want me.”  You are the perfect person! Photography instructors (& their students) are thrilled to have people willing to stand in front of a camera and take directions so they can demonstrate what they are teaching 🙂 

We need people to ‘model’ for us so we can practice, built portfolios, develop new product lines, etc. AND we have a ton of fun in the process …. and YOU get free portraits…..so don’t hesitate… if you’re interested let me know! Even if not this time, there’s always a need, so still let me know you’d like to in the future and I’ll add you to my list 😉


Thanks a bunch!



Meeting Hanson Fong

I’ve always hoped that I would get the chance to hear Hanson Fong speak. He is an icon in photography who has contributed an immense amount to the photography world. Hanson was at the Florida Professional Photographers Convention last week, so I made sure I attended his seminar. It was everything I had expected and so much more. He gives off so much energy and enthusiasm that it’s impossible to walk away unchanged. I left craving more, but was content with finally getting to see him speak in person.





It got even better though.  I am now the very happy owner of the Canon 5D that I’ve been wanting for so long. It was slightly used so I got it for half of what it’s worth. I know….. so how can THAT be better than meeting Hanson Fong???????  It was HANSON FONG’S CAMERA!!!!! 



Me, Ramfis, and Hanson


Hanson was so awesome when he found out I bought his camera. I had a great time talking to him and hearing his stories. He even gave me a few private pointers.  Hanson’s super excited about passing on what he has learned to other photographers, so it doesn’t take them as long as it took him. Really really sweet guy.


My awesome mentor, Mike, took the photos of Hanson and me. Thanks Mike!


Love & blessings,

T.S. Fay~Nerve Wracking Nuisance!

First I have to share this cool story a lady from Southern California sent me today! My Hartz post on June 30th helped to save her new dog’s life!! That’s Awesome! 🙂

Now for our friend Fay… we had a flash flood watch and THREE tornado warnings today. We live near NAS Jax, so we could hear their tornado sirens each time. I was glued to the TV all day. I have to thank our AWESOME cast at CBS47 for tirelessly tracking the storm and giving a minute by minute update. Meteorologist Mike Buresh spoke at the school where I teach this past year and he was GREAT with the kids. He kept about 550 students engaged the entire time he spoke.  Since he’s great at what he does & thoroughly LOVES his job, it was comforting to see him on air all day!

Yes, I actually photographed the television!  It helped break the tension.

The only ‘damage’ we had was that we lost a new palm fran.  We were very blessed!!



 After 3 days of being at home, Ryley was getting a little stir crazy. So after some playing outside in the rain, I set her up with some paints, and turned my back for about 30 seconds. You know how that goes.  It washed off easy, so I let her have at it! Then of course, Daddy had to get into the picture! He’s a big kid himself 😉




Ryley liked the her Daddy made her look like a clown with a red nose and cheeks, and blue eyebrows.  So she decided to add a little extra herself…




Today we have bright blue skies with beautiful fluffy white clouds (my favorite kind of sky).  I’m heading down to Orlando for the Florida Professional Photographers Convention.  I’m excited!

Thanks for all the prayers during the storm!

Love & Blessings,