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Family, Birthdays & Orlando

Just a quick post.

On Monday March 9th, it was my brother Brandon’s b-day. On Tuesday March 10th, it was my husband Jerry’s b-day AND my sister Jacki had her second baby that morning! I only have cell phone photos of her though. Sara Ann Tothill was born at 6:38am on  3/10/09 weighing 6 lbs 10 oz.  She is PRECIOUS!    Both mine &  Jacki’s middle names are Ann 🙂

Jacki went into labor the night of the 9th, and I was so excited text messaging everyone I could think of, that I must have forgotten to turn my alarm to ‘on’ when I set it.  Either that or I slept through it (again).  Luckily, my friend Debbie called me at 7:35 am (I have to leave for work at 7:30 to make it on time).  It was one of those delirious, crackly voiced  “What time is it???…Deep Gasp…. HOLY CRAP  I’m LATE!” moments.  As I was FLyING around the house to get out the door, my phone buzzed.  There was a pix message of sweet little Sara Ann, just born, laying in just her diaper….and that’s how I found out she had arrived safely. It was such a relief, since it had been a long pregnancy & Jacki was sick a lot.  A flood of gratitude rushed over me and I cried like a baby … THANKING  THE  LORD as I rushed out of the house.  The only photos I have are on my cell phone, so I can’t share 😦   just yet.

I just put new photos on Facebook from this past weekend. My brother Brandon, his wife, niece & in-laws were vacationing in Orlando last week. They spent Brandon’s birthday at Disney and the rest of the week visiting all the parks.  Jerry, Ryley, and I went down on Friday, hung out, had dinner at the Polynesian Resort, spent the night, had breakfast with some Disney characters, then we took Brandon & Ashley to the airport.

At breakfast, Ryley was very excited to get to meet Mickey. Unfortunately, Stitch came to our table first. . . . . .


Stitch trying to greet Ryley

Ryley let out a blood curdling scream when Stitch tried to say Hi to her (which I DIDN’T get any photos of, because she needed comforting). Ryley flew out of her chair so fast that she left her shoe behind!  She had never seen him before, was terrified of him, and cried hysterically.

Lilo came over and fussed at Stitch for scaring Ryley.   



Then, Mickey came over and covered his ears trying to make Ryley laugh.  She wasn’t having any part of him either though.  This was the best we could do for a photo of Ryley with Mickey….


Notice she only has on ONE shoe??!!! I can relate…I’m that way with spiders

On Sunday, I took Ryley to Blockbuster, found Lilo & Stitch, and she rented it.  Now Ryley LOVES these photos  and loves to tell the story.

To see more fun photos from our trip, click on this link  to my Facebook page.

Gotta get to bed. . . . . HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!

love & blessings, my-signature-75dpiweb   xoxo


Back to Orlando

I have family in England that I only get to see every few years. My grandmother and grandfather were born in England, so I have an extended family over there. I didn’t get to meet them all until I was 26. I’ve been over 4 times since then, and every so often parts of the family will come to the U.S.


This is my grandmother’s sister’s son Brian (my mom’s cousin)  & his wonderful wife Jane.

A few photos from our trip down to Orlando to visit them while they’re on vacation down there. 



 Then to the Fun Spot…we’re waiting to take Ryley to the big parks until she’s a little older.


She’s only 2 (not even 25 months yet)… and she’s getting so big







 Ryley thought she was really driving. Look at the concentration….


Making a new friend. This little girl was ADORABLE! 



Then we went to Wonderworks on International Drive… it was built to look like it’s upside down. It’s packed full of really fun stuff to do. You can easily spend HOURS in there.


Pretty cool, huh? I think the adults had more fun with the bubbles than Ryley did!


This wall was so much fun!  Our hands and faces…. That’s Ryley’s little head at the top, Jerry’s in the middle, and that might be mine on the bottom. Look at Ryley’s cute little hand prints down below…






This place is called Gator Golf. It’s built on top of a man-made lagoon type thing and is full of baby alligators. You can feed them. It attracts a steady stream of passers by. Ryley was a little scared at first…


Checking out the gators…


This was just a few of them.  Cute little critters aren’t they?

I have more catching up to do on my blogging, but that’s all for now.


I hope you all are having a nice week. It’s almost FRIDAY 🙂

Love & Blessings,